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“Execute effective Adwords campaign to achieve best out of your investment”
                        “A penny spent is a penny earned”

Paid marketing is the quickest way of exhibiting business in search engine results page for the people searching for products or services. Ad campaigns can be controlled as they are based on budget invested and cater opportunity to rank in top positions in search engines. Ads are usually positioned at top or at the bottom of the organic search results. It is one of the effective ways to encourage new visitors and drive traffic to the website that compliments over organic SEO strategies. Pay-per-click campaign is the dominant strategy of internet marketing. It is the fastest way of delivering message to people searching for products or services.
Google Adwords work on facts rather than assumptions, thus right investment on paid advertising campaigns yield positive results. For better performance of pay per click ads, skilled professional experts experienced in managing PPC campaigns are intrinsic. Beyondweb, Pay per click marketing company’s dedicated PPC team has been proving value for every step on the way in PPC Campaign services. Our solutions include more than managing Adwords campaign. Along with optimizing PPC account, we open up new market strategies to reach more people. Our Google Adwords certified professionals implement strategies to boost conversions and yield best results. Beyondweb Adwords marketing solutions encompasses campaign over search and social media, desktop and mobile devices, shopping to remarketing ads, and banner to video ads based on business requirement. Our primitive objective is to ensure success and make sure to rank ahead of competitors with minimal amount, to maximize reach and conversions, and excel business goals. We are unique for one simple reason, we are concerned about success. More than a client, you are our trusted partner.
PPC campaign is all about placement of right keywords with landing page for better performance. Our expertise specialists are experienced in keyword research and analysis, finalizing business related words analyzing through research tools. Google Keyword Planner tool is the one for finalizing keywords based on monthly search volume, competition and suggested bid amount for each click. Selection of keywords is expensive task as entire campaign lies on keywords. We significantly choose keywords based on combination of search volume and competition to yield great ROI.

Beyondweb Google Adwords Management Process

  • Consultation - Our consultants will discuss about your business, purpose, specific audience, target location, competitors and campaign goals. Based on requirements, we customize strategy for your campaign. Once you have approved strategy, we will start building either new campaign or optimize existing campaign
  • Conversion Tracking Code – We will install Adwords conversion code on all pages or designated pages of website that helps in tracking of campaign
  • Google Analytics – To analyze campaign performance, we install analytics code
  • GEO Targeting – Set up GEO targeting location with country, state, city, country and zip code
  • Keywords – Keywords are finalized based on monthly search volume, competition and budget. We select targeted keywords along with negative keywords; if neglected, negative keywords damage ad campaign.
  • Landing Page – We design and develop landing page to drive significant traffic and deliver exactly what viewers are looking for
  • Call-To-Action (CTA) – Ad campaigns created by us are optimized with CTA either with phone number or email address, to drive traffic and helps in easy tracking and conversions.
  • Ad Copy – We develop ad copy with targeted keywords along with CTA’s that has high quality score to be ranked in top position on search engines, and increase impressions and clicks to drive relevant traffic.
  • Bid Management – Our bid management team frequently analyze ad performance and manage bid amount that gradually decrease once ads are performing
  • Ad Schedule – Based on your campaign goals and targeted location, we research and schedule the best time to display ads to specific targeted audiences
  • Tracking and Analysis – With all the tracking code and analytics installed, we analyze campaign performance weekly and mail you in detail

Advantages of PPC Campaigns

  • Increase Visibility – Immediate benefit of PPC campaign is to increase online visibility in short period of time and tender better exposure
  • Pierce through Market – PPC ads can propel the market swiftly, unlike organic SEO
  • Reach – Paid ads helps business to establish itself amongst competitors
  • Targeted Website Traffic – Adwords helps in targeting specific set of niche audiences and aids in achieving immediate and motivated traffic to website.
  • Scheduled – Unlike SEO, PPC ads can target specific geo location, demographics, area, and county, and allows scheduling of ads in targeted location
  • Controlled – As Pay-per-click advertising is set up on budget process, they are easily manageable and controlled
  • Real Time Results and Measureable ROI – PPC campaigns are fastest possible way to pierce quick in the market and delivers instant real time results. Ad campaign and results are easily measurable including impressions, clicks, visits, costs, profit and conversions to determine ROI. PPC ads offer immediate and limited results.

Beyondweb PPC Campaign Services

Our PPC campaign experts assist with following PPC management services:

  • PPC Campaign Account Set Up
  • Competitor Research
  • Keywords Research, Negative Keywords Research and Selection
  • Ad Group Management and Review
  • Effective Ad Copywriting
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • Optimizing ads with CTA and link
  • Live Ad and A/B Testing
  • PPC Cost Management and Campaign Monitoring
  • Conversion Tracking and Remarketing
  • Campaign Improvement Management
  • Analysis and Report Generation

Why choose Beyondweb for PPC Management?

  • We provide tailor made campaign strategies to suit your business goals
  • With our skilled experts, you can expect limited wastage
  • With our effective ad copywriting, we increase CTR with targeted audiences
  • Cutting edge strategies are implemented to efficiently increase ROI
  • Drive relevant traffic to website targeting specific audiences
  • Optimize and manage multiple ad formats customized to suit campaign goals on search network and display network with text ads, video ads, mobile ads, and banner ads on multiple platforms – Google, Bing, and Social Media Channel
  • With years of experience in managing PPC campaigns, we have helped our clients to reach targeted audiences, drive web traffic and delivered real time instant results and maximized ROI with high conversion rate
        “Invest in PPC Campaign today for better ROI tomorrow”



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