Dedicated/VPS Hosting

Choosing a web hosting will be a big question. Beyondweb plays a vital role in choosing the right web hosting services depending on the type and volume of business with respect to client’s website to be designed and development.

Virtual private server (VPS) hosting services are used for internet hosting. This is a shared resource where the amount of disk space and bandwidth allotted will be limited as others will be sharing the server. Charges occur if the allotted limit is exceeded. VPS hosting will be cost effective and can be used by small and enterprise business medium clients depending on the volume of their business or the size of the website. Advantages will be Root Server Access and secured environment.

Dedicated hosting server is a dedicated server used for internet hosting. This is purely a single site hosted on the server. They have their own bandwidth and disk space dedicated to that site. Comparatively, dedicated server will be costlier than the VPS as they can be used by large business sectors, enterprise sectors etc. as the volume and size of the business will be large Positives will be great server performance. Requirement of skilled IT staffs may lead to extra costs.

Beyondweb managed VPS hosting is built with all the latest server technology with SSD for a wonderful performance. Dedicated servers with the latest hardware results in power, reliability and trouble free performance for all kinds of industry and business needs

We help our clients with all the aspects of hosting experience in VPS hosting services, dedicated server hosting and also linux dedicated server hosting, whether they are seasoned internet professional or just a new startup. Our professional team is there to help and guide our clients in every step of the pathway towards a successful web hosting. We provide 24/7, 365 days online and offline support through phone, chat and email depending on the client.

We guarantee the following features providing localized hosting, local language support, localized payment gateways, currency transaction and local store front irrespective of the country or region. We have helped our clients in web hosting not only in India but almost all other countries.



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