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Google Analytics is a powerful tool that offers digital analytics to analyze website data from one touch point, providing in depth analysis to understand customer behavior. Analytics visualization feature facilitates organization to easily track and analyze the web traffic report. It provides insights of customer’s navigation through website and what are they searching for, so organization can customize better to deliver more. Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics tool for tracking and reporting. Analytics data provide inclusive statistics necessary to make business decisions.
Analyzing web analytics requires comprehensive knowledge on how to interpret website data for delivering customer’s requirements and only experienced analysts with a great expertise will assist in providing business development based on these data. BeyondWeb is qualified Google Analytics Certified Partner, analyzing statistics we provide significant insights and litigable steps to increase traffic, visit and conversions with reducing bounce rates. Our professional analysts review every metric of analytics data and provide top-notch solutions to improve the site performance.

BeyondWeb Web Analytics Process
Frequent discussions facilitate our consultants to understand business goals and analyze website performance with available data.
Account Setup – Once website is live, analytics code will be added to every page of the site to analyze the performance
Verifying Property – Next step will be linking website property to Google account and UA code generated will be added to the website for verification.
Analytics Conversion Tracking – Analytics data starts to display in Google Analytics tool after verification of the website. Digital data includes page visits, sessions, bounce rate, geographic location, devices, demographics, landing page and many other metrics. With available statistics, we track customer’s behavior and provide conversion tracking report.
Web Analytics Report – Analyzing web analytics data, we prepare custom and detailed track report of analysis of each metrics and assist about every variable of the data. Based on the generated report, we recommend on how to increase page visits, session time, new visitors, conversions and sales as well as on how to decrease bounce and exit rate. We integrate custom tracking analytics tracking code and cross domain tracking code.

Google Analytics Services
Our professional analysts provide valuable insights analyzing web analytics data and offers following services:

  • Google Analytics Account Set up
  • Implementing filters to exclude data affecting website performance
  • Set up customized goals to drive relevant traffic
  • Identify ideal customers visualizing acquisition, demographics, behavior and other metrics
  • Segmentation of audiences according to geo location and demographics
  • Analyzing campaign tracking variables to measure effective campaigns
  • Implementing conversion funnels to drive lead visitors from landing page to conversion page
  • Analyzing data to increase page visits, session time, and new visitors and to decrease bounce rate and exit rate and customizing reports through filters
  • Evaluate data by analyzing traffic medium, geo location and assisting in increasing engagements
  • Visualizing source path, medium path and keyword path conversions
  • Google analytics tag manager implementation as well as Visitor behavior and latest trend analysis
  • Linking Search Console with Google Analytics account
  • Measure ROI and generate reports – traffic sources, traffic medium, browser, location, devices, landing page, search queries report
  • Accomplishing business objectives – conversion goals, lead generation goals, website traffic, decreasing bounce rate and increasing page visits

BeyondWeb provides quality service monitoring analytics round-the-clock, optimizing insights to achieve business goals, converting leads to customers and generating detailed reports of each key metrics. Based on these reports, our Google Analytics qualified analysts assist and recommend necessary changes and modifications to optimize the website.



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