Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is hosting of websites on a cloud server (virtual server) that run on cloud computing environment providing access to resources to websites hosted. Cloud servers are also known as Virtual Dedicated Servers. It is beneficial as it does not require purchase, installation, running, and maintenance of servers at your place. The application will run on cloud and client is provided access to pay hosting providers for maintenance.

Space will be shared and allocated on a cloud server for website application. Upon request; the data will be fetched from the cloud and displayed on the client browser. A network of servers from different locations will be connected together, to act as single server and data will be fetched from different data centers. Since cloud servers comprise all required software, it does not require any other software to be installed for fetching of information.

Cloud hosting can be hosted on either of these infrastructures – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

IaaS is based on infrastructure, virtualized hardware resource will be provided to install software prior to building a web application. The client will be given access to manage operating system, storage, and applications.

PaaS is based on platform, Client will be provided with software environment; they can directly install and start developing a web application.
SaaS is application software. The client can directly start developing web application on cloud server through cloud interface.

Features and Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Performance: Since multiple machines will be connected to servers, website performance is fast
Security: As space is allocated on cloud servers, high security measures will be implemented to prevent hacking
Space: Superfluous storage and space is provided
Efficient: Cost effective as there is no purchase, install and maintenance of the server. The client pays only for the resources utilized.
Reliable: Even if data centre goes offline, resources can be fetched from other data centers from different locations

How to start

Prevail advantage of cloud hosting with Beyondweb, with our cloud web server hosting services. Our professionals assist in choosing best cloud server to host web application based on budget and requirements. Our price ratio is best in the industry and we provide 24*7 support.

Beyondweb Portfolio of Cloud Services

Public Cloud: Scalable and reliable, provided with virtualized environment, offers shared resources. Ideal for inconsistent traffic

Private Cloud: Dedicated to the individual user, with high security management. Right technology and architecture should be selected to ensure ideal performance

Hybrid Cloud: Connecting private and public clouds for compliance and fast performance

Multi-Cloud: Multiple cloud servers are connected for multiple applications to run such as AWS, VMware, and OpenStack etc
Beyondweb offers extensive services ranging from architecture selection, deployment, and maintenance support. For customized hosting services, talk to us.



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