Email Marketing

Email has evolved as effective marketing toolkit since its inception, powered to connect right targeted audiences at right time. It is fast and effective way of generating results unlike other online marketing strategies. Email marketing is measurable, cost effective and allows building trust and loyalty. It is one of the digital marketing strategies with huge benefits. Every now and then new experts declare “email marketing as dead”, however the real fact is, email marketing is challenging task and not all the email marketing services company know managing effective marketing campaigns.
BeyondWeb is leading email marketing Services Company with decade of experience in efficient
management of campaigns, offering result oriented services. Our executives provide full-fledged support through entire email marketing campaign. We are world class leaders in performing campaigns for small, large and enterprises business with seamless and sophisticated solutions across various channels around the world. As emails are vital part of marketing strategy, we help business in marketing new product and services or to build relationship with new or existing customers, delivering right mails at the right time ensuring greater success. Our potency lies in scripting detailed and accurate information to create sophisticated email content.

BeyondWeb Email Marketing Services
Our executives craft personalized email content with significant designs that are tangible, traceable and offer result oriented success rate. Our analysts will be in regular communication to understand the purpose of campaign and develop right emails to deliver right information at right time. Our email campaign process is:

Managing Subscribers
Successful email campaign is delivering message to right audiences. We maintain audiences list who opted in or manage list provided by the business owner. If subscriber list is not available, we help building list in healthy way relevant to the business.

Design and Develop
We develop accurate content to deliver information about product and services. Once email content is ready, our designers create effective, eye catching design template with right call-to-action to deliver best results. We also design seasonal, promotions and deals email templates

We perform A/B testing developing two email templates. The emails that has high performance rate will be finalized for delivering mails.

Mail Blast
Developed emails will be broadcasted to targeted audiences based on location of the customers. We also schedule emails if customers are residing in other countries.

Analysis and Report
We manage entire email campaign by analyzing and keeping track of open rates and clicks. We monitor and report accurate insights of campaigns to deliver high success rates and increase revenue

Email Marketing Benefits

  • To broadcast message about product or service to vast audiences in short time
  • To build relationship and loyalty with existing customers
  • To target new targeted audiences
  • Customize to deliver promotions, coupons, deals to new and existing customers
  • Track email open and clicks to increase data insights
  • Secured and safe way of delivering messages
  • Content is precise and designed with call-to-action buttons to drive relevant traffic

Just communicating with the audiences is not enough; organization should manage effective email campaigns to retain old customers and attract new customers. BeyondWeb, email marketing services company is one-stop solution provider for all direct mail marketing, business marketing and campaign management.



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