Facebook Marketing

             “Communication is the integral part of living beings”

Communication between human life have evolved from people talking directly to writing letters, towards communicating over emails, phones and now through social networking sites. Facebook is the massive social platform site connecting billions of users all over the world. It is a great benefit for business owners as audiences can be targeted through a single platform and also it is the medium coherently adapted for connecting customers. When people search for company, chances are more of displaying Facebook page/profile on search engine results page. And if you have not set up business profile on popular social medium, you could be missing out customers and business. Facebook has turned out to be powerful tool for marketing campaigns.

Facebook Marketing for Business

Facebook is as an excellent platform that offers potential advantage to expand audiences through creating awareness to increase web traffic, sales and conversions. It is an easy way of exhibiting services and products, and customers to learn about business. It also offers direct communication with customers. It has established to be robust and effective medium for marketing. As a business owner it is necessary to utilize all the available opportunities to sell through Facebook marketing.

Facebook Advertising

With numerous users, Facebook comprises huge database. And this valuable data can be utilized for marketing through Facebook ads that are perfect way to reach niche audiences. Also, Facebook profile and page set up are essential elements of marketing. Without page/profile, business cannot expect visibility and identity. It requires specialists to design and build engaging ads for campaigns promotion. Beyondweb’s Facebook marketing services has years of experience in developing captivating ads with engaging description. With our growth hacking techniques, we narrow huge database to niche audience list based on your business as it makes easy for accurately targeting customers. We create ads based on demographic of audiences to increase online visibility and drive traffic to site leading huge number of conversions.

Successfully managing Facebook ads is a challenging task, and it requires experience hands with knowledge of handling campaigns. Facebook ads built by our specialists are ideal for campaign objectives to increase visibility, brand identity, audience engagement, to generate leads, increase website traffic and conversions. We also provide competitor’s analysis to assist your business in creating ads and postings to stay ahead of competitors. We design ad copy with professional graphics that are alluring to capture targeted audience attention and drive traffic to business page and website. To retain existing customers and increase sales, we employ remarketing ads. We carefully manage Facebook PPC Campaigns within your budget along with A/B testing. With Beyondweb on your side, you don’t have to worry as our specialists are experts in managing Facebook ads (PPC Campaigns) since years and increased brand identity of client’s website on social networking sites and drove huge traffic to website vigilantly within budget.

Beyondweb Role in Facebook Marketing

  • Account Setup – We help business in creation of Facebook profile and business page set up with relevant images and information about the business
  • Regular Updates – With market research and analysis, we assist company in posting relevant images, videos, promotions, events, quiz, and contests to increase audience engagements
  • Facebook Apps – We design and develop Facebook apps for your business that serves in direct communication with audiences
  • Promotion – We post media (images, content, videos) on business page and promote posts amongst targeted niche audiences
  • Facebook Ads – We create Facebook ads in the form of videos, images, link, slideshow, carousel and canvas ads appropriate to business and depending on the result business want to gain
  • Engagement – Posts and ads developed by our team furnish customer engagement
  • Analytics – We analyze and monitor posts, conversations and engagement to modify posts accordingly to increase maximum reach to right targeted audiences
  • PPC Campaigns – We run and manage Facebook ad campaigns consequently within your specified budget range and increase visibility and traffic to page
  • Content – Ads will not receive satisfactory engagement without virtuous description. Our content writers are experts developing ad content that increases audience involvement

Facebook marketing is not just about likes and followers; it requires frequent engagement for the page to be active. We have been recognized for generating quality leads and conversions. We do not mis-utilize Facebook advertising just for branding, however, we utilize the power of social media to build audiences to effectively convert them into customers. Our strategic approach entice right customers to your business



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